Green light – An artistic workshop
Zalab I Unwinding inner layers

On the last day of the first bock the participants interviewed each other on the art works, with professional equipment, like headsets, microphones, tripods. Another discussion followed, and other issues were took to the tables, about freedom, healing, and social issues. In this case also two volunteers of Green light were involved in the workshop, and were interviewed by the participants. The interviews were more elaborated, because they shot the interviews for the first time, like a professional: with an interviewer, a cameraman, and an engineer.


We had four groups spreading out into the pavilions of the Giardini. One group consisted of Jerry Angel, Lamin Sallah, Dickson and Akam. They went to French Pavilion and interviewed Xavier Veilhan. Zubaida, Mo and Shen went to the Israeli pavilion and to the German pavilion. Usman, Lucky Philip went out to the Spanish and to the Japanese Pavilion.