Green light – An artistic workshop
Tutorial Week in full swing

The team on site was once again challenged by the tutorial week. The team present consists of Clemens and David, who arrived from Vienna, and eigth volunteers. The volunteers are also this time art students from the Venetian IUAV, three of them were already part of the First workshop and participate again. They already know the workshop and are a huge support on site.

With 50 people in the workshop the tutorial of each working stations became a huge challenge, especially considering that this time the tutorial took place during the same time, when the Biennale is also open to the public. 




The Tutorial Week endured for four days, including the general informations as to who is responsible for the project to the assembling to the actual lamp the tutorial week has the use to make the participants aware of their surrounding, and the space they are moving in. The more informations they receive, the more secure they feel within the Green light space.


For not having any hierarchies it is very important that the participants know, where the material of the lamp come from, and to know at least some of the parameters that  constitute Green light. 




One of the striking moments that always occurs during Tutorial week, and which the team on site was not sure about interpreting properly was that the participants immediately would grab after the material and start assembling without at first taking their time and analyzing the structure of the lamp or what it requires to assemble the lamp. After observing that this happened once again, the team discussed the possible reasons. Concerns occurred that the participants would feel obliged to “work” , until after the first days the discussion lead to the common consense that it is much more probable that they just can not wait to do use their hands maybe. Tajahud, a former participant of Green light in Vienna, once said in Green light she can use her hands, and even if she has no control over the essential things in her life, she could at least use the power of her hands, that she could control within the Green light space.


The program changed during the course of the next four days. 


The group was splitted into smaller groups, each group was supported by one volunteers and each group had a tutor.


The languages present on site were a huge challenge also. There is no language ruling the space this time. We have quite the same amount of French-speaking and English-speaking people, as well as participatns, who artictulate in Italian already. With David speaking Arabic, Anahita speaking Farsi, Ban (one of the new Italian teachers) speaking Russian and some of the volunteers, as well as the other project coordinator Diana speaking French the group was able to master the communication on several fronts. 

Different stations, small groups, and four days to explain the interlinking of each station, and how to deal with material that can not be used for the lamps to the threading. This time we used one whole day to explain to everybody how the threading is being done, and because this is the most strenuos working station, the team decided to explore the Giardini with the participants in the afternoon of the tutorial day. 


Getting to know art must also be part of the program...