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The heart's voice from a Chinese girl

Hello everyone,

... I'm twenty-nine years old this year.I'm from Guangdong province of China.I was persecuted by the CCP government.In order to continue my faith,I was forced to runaway to Italy.Thank Lord for leading me all the way,let me come here,get together with the friends from all over the world to share my experience of suffering the  persecution from the CCP government.

  In my country, what I accepted is Atheism education from childhood.Until I believed in the Lord,I knew that there is God in the world.But the CCP government don't allow the freedom of religious believe, they  never stop to arrest and persecute the Christians.I am also one of the victims.I escaped away from home and couldn't go back home because of being persecuted by the CCP government.The past seems to have happened in yesterday, scenes appear clearly in my mind.

That was in 2013, because of the CCP government posts saying something like "Reward those who inform the believers in God" up along the streets, I was reported when preaching the gospel one day, and arrested by the police. I ran away and hid on a mountain. I heard the steps of the police approaching. I was afraid and my heart was thumping violently. I remembered that some brothers and sisters were tortured after being arrested, some were imprisoned, then I trembled with fear. I could just pray to the Lord constantly in the grass. Thank the Lord for His protection, they didn't find me. I hid there until it was dark, then I left the mountain. With a kind person's help. I left that village. Though I wasn't arrested that time, since then, I didn't wear high heels, skirts or dresses any more, because I was afraid if the police ran after me, I couldn't run fast with them. I dared not stay too long on streets, nor go to a public place. Every time when I went back home after going out, I would turn back to see whether there was someone following me. I dared not to contact my family with mobile phones.


Until now, I haven't seen my family for 5 years, nor contacted them. I miss them so much. I don't know how they have been. However, I can only bury such feeling at the bottom of my heart.Fortunately, I came to Italy under Lord's guidance.Finally I don't need to live the life of hiding myself from place to place,and I can pray to God and worship God liberally.Especially after I came to buon pastore,I met a lot of friends.We came from different countrys,we have different languages and colours,but we have similar experience.we are fighting for a common goal.I feel so happy here.I'am lucky.But in China,there are thousands of  Christians being persecuted by the CCP government.What I can do is very limited. I can only pray for them in silence.And according to talk my personal experience to let more people to pay close attention to the state of faith of Chinese Christians.

Thanks for Lord! Amen!