Green light – An artistic workshop
The first Shared learning session with Dawn Kasper

Today was the first session of the Shared learning program with Dawn Kasper and the Green light participants. Dawn, whose work is in the next space in the Central Pavilion, already knew some of our participants. 

With Dawn's musical instruments approachable to visitors and participants as well, spontaeous jam sessions have already occured. During the Meet-and-Greet, Dawn took the time to introduce her artwork and herself to the attending participants. In exchange, the people attending the workshop were invited to introduce themselves as well. The mutual introduction is essential for Dawn's work, as for onyone who wants to commit himself to collaboration with other people. 

It was obvious, that for most of our participants the art world remains a mysterium. It is the first Shared learning workshop taking place in the Giardini. Maybe the participants can relate easier with a music workshop, because they love music, and love dancing to it.

The first encounter between Dawn Kasper and Green light emerged in her space anyway, as she was performing, and Green light was finishing a day in the Central Pavilion. While exiting the building, the participants got cought in Dawns space, and started dancing, till the Giardini was closed finally.