Green light – An artistic workshop
The big Meet & Greet of the Venice Green light participants

The mini Green light-team from Vienna headed directly for the Sierra dei Giardini, after they arrived at the train station. With Vaporetto No. 5.2 the group arrived at the station "Giardini". The Meet 'n Greet started at 5pm already. Everybody was present... the future participants of Green light, their referents from the different NGO's they come from, the future teachers of the project, the psychological and legal advisors, alike the project coordinators, and the volunteers, who are going to spend time with each other six times per week for the next upcoming two months. 



Frederike, from the Vienna based TBA21-office, responsible for the organisation of Green light and the Shared Learning-program at the Biennale, arrived already some days ago. She couldn't hide her excitement... 

It's the first time, that everybody's seeing each other. The Sierra provided us with fingerfood and drinks. So much Nachos were eaten that day... 


Of course the responsible persons behind the project also took the opportunity to introduce themselves: Frederike, Natasa, the head project manager and on site in the Biennale, aswell as Francesca v Habsburg hold a short speech, summarizing an insight about, what the participants can expect from the next few weeks. 


Rita, Italian teacher

Rita, one of the two Italian teachers here is going to be in the space thrice a week. She will teach her students on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays int the amphitheater of the Central Pavilion. 

Let's see, how long she can keep that motivated smile on her beautiful face... :D 

Elisa will be the psychological consultant of the Green light workshop in Venice. How her role will be realized will depend on the needs of the participants, and on the resources, that can be provided.. 

And Anahita is already in her element.. bounding with the participants..