Green light – An artistic workshop
The Green light - project is part of the Bersaglieri Film Festival


Akam and Dickson headed to Spinea, discussing and showing the short movie "Turn on my light

In an half-an-hour session they introduced their parts of the movies, and tried to make the audience understand, why they chose the topics and the contents, they did.

For Dickson his time in the Biennale was a fantastic possibility to gain inner strenght, and not to be afraid anymore. This is, what he repeated regularly. 

The Green light workshop was Dicksons first approach with arts. He admitted he would love to continue working in the Biennale, in any way, if possible...




Lamin on the other hand talked about racism, and about the feeling of being avoided, and to know or to understand, that it has something to do with the associations people would have with the colour of his skin. 

Lamin, as always, when he talks about this topics, becomes very serious and very contemplative, as if he knows, that talking about this topic without generalizing and without blaming people in the very same room is still not an easygoing task.