Green light – An artistic workshop
The Central Pavilion at the 57th Biennale di Venezia

The large Central Pavilion is situated in the Giardini. As visitors come in through the main entrance into the Green light space, the relaxation area is to their left. This are is supposed to be the relaxation zone for our participants. On the opposite side of the relaxation area, a kind of an amphitheater is installed. It provides room for talks, discussions, or our daily Italian classes. 

Unlike in Vienna, here the printers are kept in glass vitrinies, so that the sensitive machines won't be affected by the surrounding. 

The Central Pavilion is the pavilion inside of  the Giardini where Italy used to be based with its Biennale pavilion. 5000 visitors pass by daily. The setting in Venice is quite different than the setting in Vienna, where Green light started.