Green light – An artistic workshop
The 30th of June, chpt. III : Presentation of the ZaLab video

After the distribution of the most important paperwork, we continued with watching the documentary-movie, that the guys from ZaLab did with the participants of Green light, who were eager to join them in the course of the last two months. 

A video is made, that was shown on the TV screen inside of the Green light auditorium. 



It was the presentation of the video, called "Turn on my light". It was a presentation of a movie in documentary-style, a video made by Dickson, Zubaida, Lamin, Akam, and Mo...a video made by and about persons each and everyone already got to know... 


As you can see the mood inside of the auditorium became very intense.... 



Deep, critical gazes alternated with relieved and cordial laughter 


They were not that far apart from each other anymore, like in May, at the beginning of the workshop.. 


.. building a community can be very easy... keeping up a community is another challenge... another part.. another chapter..