Green light – An artistic workshop
The 30th of June, chpt. I : The last day of the First period

On the first period's last day of Green light - an artistic workshop a complete closure-program for the participants of the first period of Green light was scheduled. However, the day started quite regularly at 10am, exactly the time, when the Giardinni of the Biennale opens. And the Green light workshop... started very casually...


On the 30th of June we skipped the language course. Rita, the language teacher of Group A, taught the participants of the workshop, who were present in the morning a card game, that resembled "musical chairs". Sitting in a circle you could hear them screaming at each other, pounding on the table, and meanwhile bursting out in full-throated laughter, yowling at each other.  The card game consisted of two card decks, an amount of objects placed in the middle of the table (the amount of objects must always be one less than the actual number of people joining the card game). Approximately eight to ten persons received four cards each, holding three of them in their right hands, after they chose one of the cards to be in their left hands. The card in the left hand was dropped out of the deck, put with the backside up on the table, and was slided to the neighbour sitting on the left, as soon as the countdown reached to zero. As soon as this happened, you let go of your card on the left, and grabbed for the one, that was slided to you from the right. The person, who is the first having a complete deck in his right hand (meaning that all four cards have the same sign, or number) stops the rotation, screams out to inform about his deck and reaches for the middle of the table, whereupon everybody has to reach for the object in the middle of the table. The person, who doesn't manage to hold an object in his hand looses the round. (They used the endling pieces of the Green light-knots) Thus you can imagine, how they drowned Irene Cara, while What a feeling was warbling out of the large speakerboxxes.


So the day in the Green light space started already serene and cheerful. Not one person managed to keep hold of the moment, thanks to the excitement...

But you get an impression of the mornings energy by the pictures below... these were made shortly after the battle of cards... 



At the beginning of the day the space was quite empt. By the time the Green light space within the Central Pavillion filled up with almost the whole group of participants. It was a wonderful suprise to see, how even participants showed up for the last day, who couldn't join the workshop regurarly during the course of the two months or, who just stopped attending after a while. Quadeer ceased attending the workshop because he had found a job already in a Venetian restaurant already in the first week of the workshop. Whatever the reason was, also Naima, for example, was not attending regularly, still she appeared on the last day.. 

Around 3 pm, when almost all of the 40 people were present, the whole group gathered inside the auditorium and started the informal closing-ceremony. In addition to the participants, aswell as the volunteers.

Also present were the guys from ZaLab. By coming regularly all the way from Rome and spending time with the participants also after the Biennale, they  also became part of the small group, that had the chance to get to know each other. Also present was Omar Moroso, who joined the Green light workshop for the last two weeks, aswell as Brita, as a representative from the Studio Olafur Eliasson.  


By the time Nataša, the project manager on site, grabbed for the microphone the auditorium turned appreciably silent. 



Everybody was listening unusually carefully, while Nataša was thanking each and everyone for making these last two months possible. And in fact the participants were maintaining the workshop through their voluntultary attendance and the art students were the pillars of the workshop. Without their support this would have not been possible. 

"Experiencing different wokshops, observing each other in different situations, and experiencing, how we all have changed and have grown throughout this period, fused us all together ", Nataša asserted.



Also present were some visitors from the Biennale, who were curious to understand, what is going on within the Green light - space... "It is nice to sit together and you know, that everybody actually knows the names of the others", one of the volunteers joked...