Green light – An artistic workshop
Tahajud at the Tutorial Week during the 57th Biennale di Venezia

My name is Tahajud and I participated in the Green light project, which was placed in the exhibition halls of the Augarten in Vienna in 2016. The project endured almost half of a year. This year I went to Prague to present Green light there and have now come to Venice to teach the new Green light participants how to do the threading for the lamps. Back in Vienna I used to contrive the threads during the whole workshop. I know the feeling of first arriving in a place like this very well.

I know they were scared when they first arrived. I was scared too. As a teacher I have the responsibility to teach them well. If I am a good teacher, I would teach them in the right way and they would learn it. If not, they won’t understand and will not be able to build the lamps. Also I used to be a teacher myself, when I lived in Iraq. 

I couldn't understand the people from Somalia, China, Afghanistan and Kurdish Iraq, and they didn't understand me. I know how they feel, I feel for them and I want to help them. We communicated with movements and we could do something good together. Now after the tutorial days they are great and very fast, although at first they had big problems.