Green light – An artistic workshop
Studio Olafur Eliasson introducing the new design of Green light

The collaborators from Studio Olafur Eliasson, who were in Vienna for tutorial week and who also designed the Green light lamp, explain, how the lamps are assembled.

The individual modules of the lamp are made of recyclable material and are therefore environmentally friendly. The lamps being made in Venice are a bit smaller than the Viennese prototype, and therefore emit a fading green color. The new design allows for four different types of lamps. The color can fade from the inside to the outside, leading from the outside or the top of the lamp. The lamps still maintain the modest design of Vienna's lamps.

With 40 participants listening it is a huge challenge to show properly, how the lamp is assembled. Therefore the goup of participants was divided into smaller unities. The small groups gathered around either people from Studio Olafur Eliasson, or around the participants from Vienna, Husseyin and Tahajud. Tahajud and Husseiyn were two of three participants, who also accompanied Green light to Prague. Prague was a workshop on a smaller scale. Visitors from the National Gallery could join one table, at which the lamps were assembled for a few days. But here in Venice the team of Green light has four days to give 40 participants the knowledge and the tools for the workshop, so that they can attend and assemble lamps for two months with visitors of the Giardinni. 

The project coordinators from Studio Olafur Eliasson and TBA21 both were astonished about, how fast the participants learned, how the lamp is assembled properly. 


The new design of the lamp is accompanied by a new bag-design also. 

Our visitors, who came to get a lamp in Vienna know about the selfmade paper-bags we especially made for the lamps in the Augarten. 

At the Biennale they were replaced by fabric-bags, that seem to be very popular for our dear visitors of the Biennale. The demand for the bags is at as high as the demand for the shining lamps. 


FAQ: Can I take a bag home without getting a Green light lamp? 

A:  I am afraid/ Mi dispiace, no... you only can get a Green light-bag, if you decide for one of our precious lamps that is built by both visitors together with the regular participants of the Green light workshop