Green light – An artistic workshop
Somewhere better than this place, Nowhere better than this place

Exploring the relationship between the individual and the faculty of knowledge in his own artistic practice, artist Hamza Halloubi invited Green light participants to collectively negotiate the contested positions of spectator / actor / extra and cameraman reflecting on our relationship to image production and our representation in the media.


The workshop kicked off in the auditorium where Hamza introduced his artistic practice presenting some of his video works including With Michael in Jerusalem (2015), With Geo (2016), Travelling (2016). Soon the group moved outside the Biennale space, to St. Elena where multiple conifer provide a mysterious yet intimate scenography. Hamza and the participants – themselves familiar with filming and recording through the ZaLab film workshop – jointly conceived and later realized short video clips that challenged the conventional supremacy of the cameraman/spectator by proposing multidirectional points of view.



by Frederike Sperling, TBA21 Assistant Curator