Green light – An artistic workshop
Shared learning I Hamza Haloubi

The workshop with Hamza Haloubi, in the context of the Shared learning program, within Green light - an artistic workshop, has proven to be fun since the beginning. 

Although some of the topics the author depicted during the presentation were difficult to understand. You will soon find out, why... 



"The Limit" was the slogan with which we began to get acquainted after seeing some of his work. After some group exercises in which we were playing in front of the director's camera by turning around the camera and taking up the theme of the limit between reality and the fiction allowed by cinema, it began to clear to us, what the workshop what was about. 

Once out of the space of the Biennale in the pine forest of St.Helena, we have dealt with this theme of reality and fiction in two divisions of shape.

The first shape was to get out in front of the camera to hide behind the pine trees. The second worked the other way aroung, the director's camera slowly discovered all the participants' bodies as they came out behind the trees, where they had been hiding. In and out of the camera, in and out reality, this was the experience we have been in during the afternoon. 

At the end of the workshop we had some enthusiasts, who did not know, how to go back to the perception of film and movies, they previously had. 

At a moment a young man was sitting on a bench, while the director filmed the scene, so he became part of the filming, until he young man felt like he would have too many people around him, and left. 

Finally we did some shootings of our faces with the background of the Lagoon and St.Mark's Church and all in the circle we resumed, as we launched the shooting towards the air. 


Why the workshop with Hamza was first difficult to understand, had a certain reason. While Alessia and I were part of the workshop, we occasionally needed to translate some of what Hamzas tried to explain into Italian. While we failed to translate, Hamza fought his way verbally through more abstract words into more simplified contents, that were eventually understood. 

After the workshop ended we had a vivid discussion about why it was so hard to translate for the participants the abstract contents. It could not have something to do with the languages per se. They provided enough possibilities to articulate abstract thoughts. By the time and while the discussion went further we realized that the reason was more simple. 

The reference system, of me and Alessia for example, was simply larger. We study arts, we know about the development from linear figures, to more complex ones, to abstract ones throughout history. Most of the participants don't. So the question, of how to translate abstract thoughts was still unresolved, but at least we understood more afterwards, then we would before... 

A fantastic day in the end, in which the limit has come to represent a form of artistic freedom, in which cinematic fiction became transformed reality.


by Matias Nativo