Green light – An artistic workshop
Shared learning I Green light hosted Sharon Lockhart and students from CalArts

The Green light participants were utterly excited about our visitors from the California Institute of the Arts. After the participants gave a tutorial on how to build a Green light, the students lead an activity that came as a surprise, in the second part of the afternoon.

The intervention of Sharon Lockhart and her students from the California Institute of the Arts started with the participants introducing the workshop and giving a tutorial on how to build a Green light lamp.  After Zubaida, one of the Green light participants from Afghanistan, got to explain the geometry and the structure of the lamp, the two groups mingled and built the lamps together, within the first part of the afternoon. 

Surprisingly, the students were very handy and the participants added more fun to the whole process, which is not a surprise at all. From time to time a loud laughter filled up a room and you could be sure, that they are getting along great. 

After some lamps were assembled, the two groups switched roles. It was now the turn of the CalArts students. 

Together they left the space of the Central Pavilion, searching for a more discreet and separated place, somewhere outdoor. It all happened as unexpected, like a surprise, as none of these procedures was previously announced. 

The students took the participants to a place just behind the Polish Pavilion, outside the Biennale, in another part of Giardini di Sant’Elena. 

They sat in circle on the grass among trees. After two big circles were formed, one of the students introduced a Fluxus score that they prepared especially for that afternoon.

The situation started with a simple question


“fly to a place where you wish to be right now”


Everyone had to perform this task only through breathing, collectively and yet individually. Without a word, an intimate atmosphere was created, till the breathing became louder and louder. 

The day ended in a discussion round and a lot of fun. 


Sharon Lockhart explores the social subject in her works through different approaches, including movement, dance, photography and film. Sharon Lockhart also teaches at the CalArts School of Arts.