Green light – An artistic workshop
Shared Learning I Fashion Workshop with Tillmann Lauterbach

The workshop period of the Second Semester started off with the young, emergent fashion designer Tillmann Lauterbach. Accompanied by Olga Schigal his personal assistant, who happens to a yoga instructor also, Tillmann Lauterbach attended Green light for two consecutive days, not only introducing the participants to the world of tailoring and sewing, but also to the world of professionalism…




The first afternoon the auditorium was filled  with the participants of Green light and Tillmann Lauterbach talked about some of his working experiences. But not necessarily as a fashion designer, but as somebody who was on the search to find his passion in life, and as somebody who had to find a way to become capable of realizing this very goal.

Tillmann was able to speak in English, Italian and in French also. Also his personal assistant speaks several languages, to the dynamic in the auditorium was more evolving. Soon the atmosphere became more relaxed and Tillmann talked about assets, like cultural uncommon approaches to art and design, and how to learn and to know different languages can be a huge asset, especially nowadays…he told a lot of anecdotes about him failing also from time to time in the field he most loved… a lot of the participants speak French, Tillmann thus managed to connect with them immediately.

The session in the auditorium ended with some yoga instructions by Olga Schigal.

Learning about mechanisms that can lead to relaxation without any tools necessary is a huge asset you can have in your everyday life!




The day after Tillmann entered the space and taught the participants something about tailoring, cutting fabrics and sewing. Different kinds of facrics were discussed as well as different techniques. The measurements of the human body was one focus of the workshop as well as the possibilities to create something new out of usual and common material, that anybody can obtain.