Green light – An artistic workshop
Shared Learning | ZaLab entered the building

The ice was broken in the auditorium of the Green light space, through a game of names, where everybody, who was present shared his / her name and the origin of their names , and their meanings.

It was hilarious. Some had a hard time, because the small space was filled with a lot of exotic names.

For some of them it was the first time, that they were asked about the meaning of their names ... so they started searching for it. 

The game was used as a tool for the first approach with the videocameras. The participants of the workshops interviewed each other, and used the game to have material for the interviews. The introduction-game was a lot of fun and laughter. The apex of the workshop was reached, when people, who are not talking the same language understood each other anyway. 

They were also suppoed to ask each other, what they like most. 

If you would have been present you would have realized soon... the needs of young people are everywhere alike :D 

ZaLab is an association of five filmmakers, who decided to change the discourse of documentary making. Instead of making documentaries about marginalized groups, they make documentaries with the parties involved. 


ZaLab, based in Rome, has years of experience in the field of documentary film making, especially in the field of migration...