Green light – An artistic workshop
Shared Learning | The private sessions with the legal advisors

Some of the participants of Green light lifted the corner of the mouth, when we approached them and told them there are lawyers coming and they could see them in private. 

The answer, of course, most of the times was: I already have one.

That these sessions are not about substituting the lawyers they have, was understood, after some discussions took place. The point of the project coordinators were, that the setting is different. They are not making the appointments with the office, where they have to go to as bit positioner, but they would come to them. The participants would not have to worry about consequences, neither about costs, at all. Green light would want to construct a space, where they can ask freely what they want to know, without fearing...  


Suspiciously some of the participants gave in to a private session, and perceived it quite positive in the aftermath. 

Ali did not have a lawyer at all. After he opened up his case to Roberta ... she took over his case to bring his wife and his daughter out of Iran, to Europe. 

Ali is Christian, and fled Iran to practice his freely his religion.