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Shared Learning | Job Training with Simone Panizzuti

There were plenty discussions, if a job training would be a practical support for the participants of Green light in Venice. The answer was, it would be better to have it, than not to have it. It is better to make the experience, than to lack it. 

This is most of the time the answer, due to the circumstances in which asylum seekers in general are. 

Simone Panizutti holds lectures and workshops about the best circumstances under which one can higher his chances to get a job. 

Simone Panizzuti is job trainer. He is radiating optimism and positivism, and he delivers tools through which one can get to now oneself better. 

There is no guarantee that one can get definitely a job, but to keep up the self-confidence and self-esteem are factors that must be faced at one point, no matter what the circumstances are. This one person owes to himself. 

Simone shows tools over which one can understand himself better, get a distanced view towards one own life, and what makes one happy, thus motivated, and what makes one miserable, that leads to lack of motivation and energy on a long run. To be able to become content and happy, one has to have bags full energy.


It was Francis, one of the regular participants, who said he wanted to make his drivers licence and wants to become an engineer one day. That it would cost up to 900€, Francis did not know. He is told, that you need to study at university, if you want to become an engineer, and that it would take years until he could become one. 

Francis was struck by surprise and disappointment. Now he knows. 


There are some participants, who have jobs in gastronomy, in restaurants, or hotels. There are aswell participants, who don't have jobs, there are some, who travel and perform shows utterly headstrong, and there are some, who came as tourists to Europe and could not go back all of the sudden. The participants come from totally different social environments, and had total different upbringings. Their interest, and how useful they find workshops like the job training is completely dependent on the participant himself. 

Maybe motivation is really important, as suggested during the several sessions.

"You need to know, where you want to go to, if you have the intension to move...", maybe Simone is right. Maybe a cravatte, a good blouse, a good attitude really makes the difference. 

One can not know, if one does not try. And it is legitimate to try whatever works...