Green light – An artistic workshop
Shared Learning| ZaLab : Grasping abstract ideas

Making documentaries or movies is not only a matter of technique and material. It is also an issue of imagination and ideas. Michele and Davide already explained in the first gathering how technique can influence the depiction of the imagination. Then if images depict one person only, the techniques would even influence even how the audience would perceive the person.


Andrea Segre, director and ZaLab-colleague came all the way from Rome to reflect with the participants of the film workshop their feelings towards their stories of their short movies. In the process of progressing Zubaida, Lamin and Dickson could find words for their feelings towards the object they would film with the cameras. Thus the concepts behind each short movie could be slowly refined.


Akam was impressed by the French Pavilion and recollected the music instruments of his own dad, and how he grew up surrounded by music. Miso on the other hand opened up about how the truck at the Austrian Pavilion would remind him of the workplace he had worked before, whereby Zubaida was visibly shakened by the performence in the German pavilion. 


Andrea Segre is filmmaker, who depicts migrants lives mostly. His film L'ordine delle cose was presented at the 74. Mostra d'Arte Cinematografica di Venezia.