Green light – An artistic workshop
Opening Week I Day Two

The second day of the Opening was also the first day of the press preview. The room was all of the sudden filled with cameras, and videocameras, pointing at the participants of Green light. For some of the participants this experience was unusual, and they needed time to get to use to this kind of attention. 


Tahajud was today very much in the spotlight in the Central Pavilion and explained to the visitors, how the threads are contrived. This was also a very new situation for her, because she has never been so much in the center of medial attention before. Green light Vienna also attracted much medial attention, but the Augarten halls were not visited by so many international media-crews as at the Biennale.

A short visit of German Minister for Foreign Affairs Sigmar Gabriel delighted our space and freshened up our workshop.

After the eventful day full of public attention we counted 13 lamps, that were given away today! YES!