Green light – An artistic workshop
Opening Week I Day One

Welcome to the unforgettable journey who will attend, as soon as you attend the 57th Biennale di Venezia... The Giardini,  Arsenale and the rest of Venice provide uncountable suprises for you. 

The first day of the 57th Biennale di Venezia started for us. 

The Tutorial Week is over, and from now on our workshop will be accompanied by all the visitors of the Giardini for the next seven months. 

We already realized, that we are placed in an intersection here. So as the visitors pass by, visiting all the different exhibitions, they also pass by our space. As a workshop, that is about participating, we need to develop proper mediation to make clear, that Green light is about experiencing the workshop with our participants, thorugh the practice of assembling the lamp together. 

The first day was quite calm. We were told by people, who experienced the Biennale, that the next few days are the more stressfull days, in the sense, that a lot more people would show up. 

We hope, that we can still maintain the laughter then aswell... 


Nevertheless we realized, how productive and fast the participants at the Biennale are. They already assembled around 30 lamps, of which we gave away 22 lamps today