Green light – An artistic workshop
Opening Week I Day Three

The third day of the Opening passed by very quick.

But it is obvious that for everybody alike the Biennale is very exciting. Anybody, who enters the Giardinni seems to be thrilled, and because we are situated directly in the Central Pavilion we see a lot of visitors passing by each day. 

The media is present today aswell, asking all sorts of questions about the workshop, and because Tahajud and Husseiyn already know the workshop very well, they are asked by media on several occasions. 

Husseiyn keeps up very well, while he has definitely got the look! 

Today the information spread, that the art piece, that is being installed on the wall right next to us, and is placed withing our space, is an art piece by Edi Rama. So each day we are exalted by the sight we are allowed to enojoy. 


Today we gave away the incredible amount of 22 lamps. We want to thank you so much for the support you' re giving us already!!!