Green light – An artistic workshop
Opening Week | Day Four

Today was the last day of the Opening Week - marathon, and it was the day the public was allowed to enter the holy gardens of Giardinni. There were so many people we couldn't even see the other side of the space. 

But we used the crowded space to pay attention to our Shared Learning - program, that is a part of the Green light workshop.

Gianfranco Bonesso, who works four years to be a bridge between Italian society and arriving asylum seekers had a talk today and intriduced himself and his work, while discussing with participants and visitors current issues about the perception of asylum seekers, and the reasons behind these perceptions. 


Marco Franco, our legal adviser, is already excited for over three days. For now he is responsible for our fundraising campaign. Everybody can jpin the Fundraising Campaign by participating in the workshop, or by contributing a certain amount of donation. If the donation exceeds an amount of (at least) 250€, it becomes possible to take a Green light home.

The money flows 1:1 back to Emergenzia, an Italian NGO, that provides information and help to asylum seekers, who arrive in Italy and the Georg-Danzer-Haus in Vienna. The Georg-Danzer-Haus is a NGO, that was established as a response to the phenomenon of unaccompanied, minor asylum seekers coming to Europe.

On the last day of the Opening Week over 12 lamps were exchanged over our fundraising table. 

Thank you again so much!