Green light – An artistic workshop
It was a wonderful experience

The first few days went by very fast. We had some intense hours each days, as we got to now each other. 

I remember last year very well. Green light was good for me. I was able to do something, and felt that I gained control by learning, how to make the lamp. I couldn't control the food I got in the camps, or the place I lived in with my husband and my children, but I could come to the workshop and do something with my hands, make use of myself again. And I was in contact with people. This was also very precious. At first I didn't know what to expect. Nobody knew. So I guess this is the same for the new Green light participants here in Venice. 

I got to get to know Shen and Mo, also Asho and Naima from Somalia. Ubaka and Marcel are the only boys, and they're spending all the time doing the threading for the lamp. This is very interesting to me, because in Vienna the boys preferred not to the threads. We girls like to do it. 

Shen and Mo learned so fast. It  stunned me. They not only learned fast, they can also make the threads even faster, than I can.

The threads here are a little bit different, than they were in Vienna. They are no longer made out of recycled plastic bags, but from recycled ski boots and they are a bit stretchier. At first the threads always slipped and I could not fix them so easily. 

When I talked to somebody from the studio about it, they showed us, how they solved this problem. It was indeed much easier with their little trick..

Shen and Mo are wonderful at doing the threads. I am going to miss them.