Green light – An artistic workshop
Introducing Green light participant Nasrin Zarandi

Two months ago, when I got the invitation to join the Green light project, I accepted only because I wanted to flee loneliness and isolation. On the first day, at the Meet-and-Greet event, I was reluctant to join, because my English and Italian are not that good, and it's hard for me to communicate, so initially I decided not to join. 


I decided to go to another Green light meeting, and thought that I'll stop going to the Giardini if I don't like that one, too. But the meetings were so nice, funny, and thoughtful, and I decided to be part of the workshop. I found friends here, people who share the same background and the same experiences in Italy, as I do. 

Now I attend the workshop every day. I talk to other people, even if there is not much I can say to them. My main language is Farsi, but my English and Italian have already improved. I love being part of the group I share my time with. 

Maybe at first sight, what we do here is not that special a thing. But when you start building the lamp, you understand that you need to concentrate, otherwise the lamp wouldn't get made. The smallest mistake at the workshop can lead to other issues when it comes to the quality of the lamps and then you need to start all over again. 

Because of the cordial language of our beloved teacher, a familiar and  comfortable atmosphere has developed at the workshop. It makes me feel better, and I feel that even when I go back to my camp. 

After a long period of loneliness, this project helped me look forward. It also helped me forget all the thoughts that come to you when you sit at home all day long. When you know that you are in a situation that remains unclear, these sorrowful thoughts can overcome you. It is weren't for my boy, Mahdi, who is nine, I don't know where I would be today. 

At Green light I found people who are in the same situation as me, and who share the same experiences I do, and this could be the beginning of friendships that could last for a long time.