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How to Prepare Thieboudienne from Senegal

Thieboudienne, a recipe from Senegal

by Abdoulie Faye


                                                                     1 hour | ingredients for 4 people


1 cube of Maggi

2 onion

2 carrots

2 cucumbers

2 peppers

2 tomatoes

1 cabbage

white rice




First cut all the ingredients into small pieces and add garlic and salt on the already cutted chicken

Fry the chicken in boiled oil for 10 minutes

Then fry all the vegetables for at least 7 minutes

Put the vegetables in a pot with Maggi and cover everything with water, after fifteen minutes add the chicken and the rice and let them be cooked together for thirty minutes, while reducing the fire.

Enjoy your Thieboudienne!

This plate is typically cooked on the last day of Ramadan, when people eat all together and celebrate.