Green light – An artistic workshop
Hi, I am Zubaida

Hi, I’m Zubaida

When we look at the political map, we find the world divided into so many regions by so many borders. I am from Afghanistan, a country where the young generation – my generation – is experiencing a postwar situation which is no better than the war itself. To experience and witness human rights violations, women’s rights violations, corruption, explosions, suicide attacks, and discrimination are still daily occurrences where I'm from.

Because of these problems, I decided to leave my country and I sought protection in Europe. Every moment in which I have the opportunity to look at the world from a different angle is interesting to me. Migration is a new chapter in my life. I studied in books and heard stories about migration and immigration. And I find it very interesting, though also very difficult, to live a life as an asylum seeker.

Had I not come to Europe, I would never have known that there are so many nations in the world that were and are the victims of war. And that’s not their fault. I came to understand that there are good and kind people everywhere. I saw how hard it was for an Eritrean women who had to leave her eight children behind in her country and take a dangerous route to Europe, in the hope that she will get protection and things will at last be good in her life. Men who left their families behind, teenagers and kids away from their parents – I also understand that some people are afraid of the victims themselves.

In this little world of the studio, far from all our differences and away from politics and the difficulties of life, we notice the very beautiful things that we have in common as human beings. Peace, love, respect, and protection are the essential things that we all need, wherever we are in the world.

I sit in the corner and watch the small studio. Here we sit together, talk to each other, and understand each other. I feel peace in this environment. It's a place where differences don’t matter.

I dream of a world where a person is represented by who she is, not where she is from! A world where nationality doesn’t matter and skin color doesn’t make a difference, where women don’t have to fight against discrimination. A world where victims are understood instead of feared. In my dream the world has space for all human beings. It's very wide – not in term of its diameter, but in the capacity for acceptance there. It's a place where human beings are welcomed. It's home to everybody, and of course no one would want to destroy their home.

In this studio I feel like creating this dream world is possible. A world where we can fight together against fear of destruction. Being close to one another helps to uproot our mistaken conceptions about others – within our societies as well as in our thoughts.