Green light – An artistic workshop
Greetings from Vienna

My name is Anas Aljajeh,
I'm a member of Green light - an artistic workshop.


Green light is a project that means a lot of beautiful things to me.
I remember the happiness when we were working together, cooking together, eating together and having fun together in TBA21-Augarten.

Those were some of the most beautiful days of my life, because in those days I got a lot of positive energy that helped me to start my new life in Austria.
The most beautiful memory was the first day in Green light workshop. On that day I received an e-mail with an appointment for the interview to decide about my asylum permit in Austria.
It was a beautiful feeling.

For me Green light is not just an artistic project, but it's a human and social project. 

I'm proud that I have been part of the team in Vienna, in Switzerland and in Czech Republic, and I was keen to be in Venice too, but unfortunately I did not get to do it.

I wish success and happiness to all members of the workshop and I hope that the Green light message will arrive all over the world.

All the best from Vienna,

Anas is currently working at Moo Con Company in Vienna as an interior designer. His job is to design both web pages and offices of companies.