Green light – An artistic workshop
Frank has found his passion for comics

Our team on site, hosting the participants, had some heated discussions, about what kind of books we should organise for our participants. Some voted for children's books, some voted for encyclopedias, some said we should only have books, which names you can also pronounce. 

Apparently to be able to loan books from Venetian libraries you must be a Venetian residence. The funny part ist, a few of us actually is. So we also thought about taking books from home to the space. 

The first pile of books we organised were some comic books. They are called "Tolopino" in Italian and "Topolino" also found his first huge big fan in the Central Pavilion.

Frank loves to hang around the amphitheater, reading "Topolino". He took the copy in his hand home. We are sure, he will sound like "Topolino" while talking Italian by the end of next week. 

You know, why he smiles like that... he already knows, that he is going to put two books into his pocket to read them at home.. that sneaky little bookworm...