Green light – An artistic workshop
Faces, Faces, Faces... so many new faces...

The participants met each other at the Meet n'Greet for the first time. They were very shy in approaching each other, of course. 

Regarding how society works, Green light provides an unusual environment for asylum seekers. They see and meet many different persons from many different societies, and many different cultures. Of course, on could say, they already meet in the camps, or on the way to Europe, but then one has to consider the different circumstances the people are in. Stressed, left alone with their recurring thoughts, full of unanswered questions. 

Green light is a project, where the participants can achieve certain goals, and if the goal is to assemble a lamp. They need to communicate, not because of basic needs they need to fulfill, but because of a common project they attend. There is a more conscious mind behind attending a project each day voluntarily. 

Most of the Green light workshop participants haven't met before, but some of them speak the same language, or share a similar cultural background, which helps them relate to one another, like Akam and Ahmed. Akam (wearing a white jacket) speaks Kurdish. So does Ahmed (to the right, wearing the black sweater). But Ahmed also speaks German, because he has already lived in Switzerland for over a year. His journey took him from Iraq to Turkey, Greece, Austria, and up the Swiss mountains.

Most of the time the participants communicate in English, except for Sangare and Odile. In order to be able to understand each other they are forced to speak in Italian. You see, this leads to many misunderstandings, that can be funny at the very same time...