Green light – An artistic workshop
Exploring the 57th Biennale within Zalab's film workshop

The participants were asked to scatter around Biennale, and to see the exhibitions with different eyes, and find out, which art pieces would impress them. Many of them found some pavilions, through which deeper, yet unknown sentiments arose.  After the exploration there was a intermittent discussions with Michele and Davide from Zalab. Many people were apparently interested in the German performance. Some felt anxiety about the situation, because they never attended it before. It was kind of uncomfortable to most of the participants, because the situation was so unknown to them. The French pavilion made one of the participants remember of his family, because the French pavilion is in fact a recording studio, and one of the family members was a musician or another participant was remembered of traditional situation with his family, because these were the situations, when music was involved. Obviously the American pavilion also impressed many, because it showed the actual situation of marginalized people in the USA. One participant also saw the oppression of the black community in America. Also the Israeli pavilion left a strong impression.  After the discussions the participants they went back to the art works, to which they felt attracted to and were supposed to film the art pieces and the emotions they were feeling.