Green light – An artistic workshop
Different genres of music are also a challenging part of Green light

Denis is always looking for the right tune at the iPad. We tried to make a playlist with songs, that would please everybody, but this just would take too much time, that nobody has... 

Most of the time the space is filled with HipHop-sound. Nasrin took over one day, and put in some persian music. The music made the participants dance and move their hips. They really enjoyed persian music and dancing to it. 

Of course we don't listen to music, when the Italian class takes place and there is also no music, when it is lunch time. By lunch time the music begins to fill up the space, around 14pm. It is always stunning, how many different tunes can be heard in the Central Pavilion. 


They also dance, even if the speakerboxxes can not be used. 

For the first time some people participated in Silent Disco. 


Denis and Nazrin, two of the Green light-participants want to share two songs with you...