Green light – An artistic workshop
Dawn Kasper, the neighboring artist introduces herself

Today Dawn Kasper, the artist who has er base in the neighboring space inside the Central Pavilion was in Green light to introduce herself. 

With Dawn's musical instruments approachable to visitors and participants spontaeous jam sessions have already taken place. Dawn wanted to introduce herself and her artwork, after it became more than clear to her, that this Biennale would be journey both spaces are going to take in way altogether. Dawn talked about the nomadic studio of hers, her ideas, and her approach to art. Maybe it was hard to connect for some of the participants with her definition of art is, but when it came to music it became clear that the interest for this topic was rising. 

It was obvious, that for most of our participants the art world is still a mysterium, the more abstract the definition gets. But Dawn Kasper is also the first person who introduced herself officially as an artist. For some Dawn is for some even the first artist they have ever encountered, who actually can live anyhow off this profession.