Green light – An artistic workshop
Coordinating between different languages

Again welcome, 

  to let you inside the world of Green light is the purpose of this blog. 

As a former project mediator of Green light Vienna I am very excited about having the opportunity to join Green light in Venice. I know the workshop already from Vienna, but I already realised after the few first days, that this workshop is going to be different.  Not only, of course, because of the setting, but more, because the participants are completely different individuals, than the delightful people I got to know in Vienna. For examples, that we speak here different languages, than in the workshop in Vienna, where we mainly translated German into Farsi and Arabic. In the space here only a few speak Arabic, whereas in Vienna half of the group could speak Arabic. And this time I don't have to speak Farsi so often, for example Only Wahidullah (from Afghanistan), Nasrin (from Iran) and Zubaida (from Afghanistan) understand, when I speak Farsi.

Thus, the group dynamic here is also completely different. Most of our participants here are from Nigeria and almost all of them understand English very well. Odile and Adama only understand French, and Shen and Mo, our girls from China, neither speaking English nor French, try to communicate  in Italian as good as they can.

I am very excited, not only about refreshing my French skills, but furthermost to get to know the participants here in Venice and that I can share this marvelous journey for the next two months with you.