Green light – An artistic workshop
Closing Ceremony


On this specific day a lot of people stated, that they felt suprisingly sad for that journey to be over now. Some of the people felt enthusiastic and said some farewell-words, others just apparently didn't want to engage. Knowing, that the common days will be over was not necessarily a motivational factor for engaging in the closing event. The atmosphere of goodbye and closure was in the air, and also the aspiration for clinging to these familiar structures, that were established.

Nataśa distributed the Green light - book, the Open House - book, aswell as the the certificates. Each and every participants reveived an individually matched recommodation letter, a participation-certficate of course, as well as a language certificate. 



One after the other came down to take over his closing package. 




Our precious volunteers aswell received certificates and the books.. here you can see Teresa chuckling next to Nataša...



In the end the microphone was passed around. A lot of things that were said that day were no surprise to those, who already know the dynamics, that occur during the course of the project. The structures of the project allow a very familiar and authentic dynamic to be established, under which participants of the workshop bond, and discover each other as individual personalities. It is always a journey, that begins with a lamp, and ends with three dozen names...