Green light – An artistic workshop
An ordinary Tuesday in the Central Pavilion

Since the end of the Opening our precious volunteers are heading the fundraisind table. In this case it is our Sicilian art student Enrica. They talk in different languages, switching from one to another. You would never find one of our volunteers doing the same duty all day long. They buzz around, sanding the sticks, closing the curtains, switching on the projector, running to the 3D printer again to start it, just to join the participants again in the workshop. They know each other already, they know what kind of humor works with whom, and they make use of it, to have a good time. The volunteers don't even know, how precious they are, that makes them even more precious.. 



The wooden profiles must be taped twice, which is why we use two different colors for Green light. Ahmed is taping the sticks. Anytime children gather around the taping station the alarm goes off... 

The taping station is far away from the sanding station, because otherwise the freaking dust makes all of our lives miserable. No, really.. dust should be definitely kept away from the taping station! Otherwise you her from the other of the corner of space somebody swearing ... all ... the .. time... 



Usually, the people sitting at the threading station listen to music. "It's kind of relaxing, and similar to meditation," Shen said. Shen, the young woman on the right, already speaks better Italian than most of the students in our Italian class...


Moussa already became our green color expert. On tuesdays, thursdays, and saturdays it's always Moussa who dunks the wooden profiles into a green colour, also listening to music.. 

Moussa loooves Omou Sangar..

... and Lamin, standing in the center of the picture, always has an overview-of the production of the lamps. He is very aware of the people around him, always trying to make them laugh. He tries, and if it doesn't work, he just tries harder. You can see how determined he is!

You wanna know how many lamps we are giving away on an ordinary sunday? - Two. 

This is the reason why our volunteer Giulia looks like this.. .she is saying.. "Dont you see, how important this is...?"