Green light – An artistic workshop
Akam, the self-appointed 'prankster'

I started to attend the Green light workshop because it was the only project that involved art as a subject. I'm very interested in art. I am the youngest in my family and my father used to draw on paper, so I was always close to art, in some sort. I studied fashion design in Kurdistan and when I lived in Erbil, in Iraq, I studied fashion design at the Salahaddin University for two years. I left Iraq at the end of 2014 and went to the Netherlands. On my way to the Netherlands I lived in Freiburg, Germany, for several days. I mention Freiburg because I really loved the city, a city full of students. I felt comfortable there. 

I went to the Netherlands because I heard there would be plenty of opportunities there for people interested in Design. I lived in Eindhoven for two years, and would have loved to continue my studies in Eindhoven.

When it comes to Green light, I have a feeling that this place is the best place for me. It allows me to stay close to art. I enjoy coming to Green light. I meet very special people here, who treat me as if I were someone, not something. I feel here like I'm part of a family, because we all share the same goals. Building the lamp is, to me, a way of bonding with other people, who share the same experiences in life as I do or who are at least interested in the experiences I've had. As an art student I was stunned, when I saw the lamp for the first time. In my mind I tried to change the design of the lamp several times, not because I am not pleased with it, but rather because I would love to continue designing…