Green light – An artistic workshop
About the importance of being movable

Did you know, that stress and traumatas not only infiltrate your mind, but also infiltrate your body? And first and foremost: Did you know, that you have more muscles to move, than you would use acutally during an usual day? 


               You will definitely know after one afternoon with Steen Koerner and Olafur Eliasson. 


Steen Koerner, an old and close friend of Olafur Eliasson entered the space on one of the hottest days so far. You immediately realize, that Steen and Olafur are closed friends, and that both know each other already for a very long time. They have a certain vibe going on with each other, and they know each other, as well as dancing so well, that they could held a whole workshop while improvising. 



Anyone of us experienced very stressful situations. Apparently stress inscribes itself inside a body, and you can release that stress through body movements. Olafur, who was a dancer himself in his younger years explained thorougly, that stress can indicidually inscribe in different body parts, and would accrue in these certain parts of the body. 

Movements release stress. With Steen Koerners support basic movements were shown. Basic movements, that were in the end enormously strenuous. 

Steen Koerners dance is based on geometrical logic. If you dance with Steen Koerner, and who he is today, then you dance following geometrical rules, like bending your wrist joint in 90 degrees, thus turning your hand to 180 degrees in one direction. 

If you continue bending your ellbow to 90 degrees, you realize how the simplest movements require a lot of concentration, and a lot of discipline. You also realize that you have muscles in your body, of which you didn' t even know, they would exist. Even if it seems to hurt, you understand, that it is a pain worth following, because after you overcome the moment of inconvenience arising from your body, a moment of refreshing relaxation follows, and all of the sudden you understand why moving is stress-releasing...


The second part of the workshop was moved to the main space of the Central Pavilion and more complex moves followed. I was totally concentrating on my hands, that were moving totally not in the way I wanted them to, trying to understand how to connect my thoughts to my muscles, as if I would do it for the first time of my life, when I heard Olafur breaking out in loud laughter. 

His whole body shaked, while his facial expression was following the cordially laughter. He catched up telling an anecdote of the former brunch we had with Steen Koerner and Razan Haugaard, who is an expert for integration processes. During the brunch we discussed several tools and methods of interaction and, how people who are strangers to each other could understand that they have more in common, than they would think. One example that was discussed was laughter. Sharing laughter is not only a tool for connecting people, but it is also enormously stress-releasing. So I missed the part, when Olafur was explaining the power of laughter to all the people present in the Central Pavilion, but I will never forget that mans laughter, that captured the whole space of the Central Pavilion. Laughter is indeed contagious.

And I know, nobody is going to believe, what I am saying, because none of us could believe, but we saw Olafur Eliasson doing the moondance. It was unbelieveable.. you really need to come and see it yourself, otherwise you wouldn't believe, that dancing is also one of the numberless talents, that defines this unbelievable multi-faceted artist. After this afternoon I understood a little bit more, how it was possible to develope this also multi-faceted workshop, called Green light, in the first place... 

by Anahita Tabrizi