Green light – An artistic workshop
A contribution by Paul Adugbo

The Green light - an artistic workshop is a very good experience for me. I learn a lot of things that I didn't know, and I have the opportunity to meet with people from all around the world.


The people I've met at the Biennale are amazing and interesting people. They are interested to see you build the lamp and even want to learn, how to build it, and they ask questions and you answer them. 

It is fun showing them, how to build the lamp and answering their questions.


The Green light - workshop is a kind of life transforming project, because, I - for example - used to stay in the camp for almost all my stay in Italy, and that made me feel lazy, and not doing anything makes a man think of his problems and responsibilities too much. 


In Green light I have the opportunity to learn the Italian language, my teacher was a person, who will gently teach you every word in Italian with good example, so that you will remember them easily. 


The participants and the volunteers are a group of intellectual people, they make you feel at home, whenever you are at Green light. They are like a family, you never know. They are friendly, kind and they treat you with respect regardless, that you are just an immigrant. 


Sometimes, when I am at home, and I am not to be in the Biennale that day, I will be missing everybody and I would want to be with them, because I find comfrt being at the Green light workshop.


I had a wonderful experience, when we visited all the other art works in the Biennale, the beautiful art work from all the countries and I had the feeling and belief, that greatness can only be achieved by patience and persistance. 

I am not feeling fine to know, that the project will stop by the end of november.

You know, projects like the Green light are not supposed to stop, there should be a continuous process, because with projects like this so many immigrants will leave the streets and engage themselves in meaningful activities. 

Thanks to the entire management of Green light for giving me such an amazint opprtinutiy to participate in their exhibition. I will always cherrish this memory. Thanks to my friends Diana, Anahita, Margheritta, everyone of you I love, and appreciate a lot.