Green light – An artistic workshop
3D printers are reset... again...

The 3D printers are setting the tone in the workshop-space. 

If the printers don't work, we don't have any nodes. If we don't have any nodes, then we can not make any lamps. If we can not make any lamps, the workshop is still alive, only if the people behind the workshop are engaged, and devoted, but the production site stands still. 

In the course of the workshop the printers the settings of the printers were changed twice. 


You can see it on the picture below. If the first layer doesn't stick on the plate, the pieces shift then during the printing, and they can not maintain the shape, that they were supposed to have. 

This messes up also more than only one piece sometimes. We wanna be so kind and spare the really bad pictures for you. 


The functioning of the printing depend on several factors: the temperature must be correct. If the temperature is not correct several problems can occur. Also the plate must be adjusted at a correct high, so that the nozzle doesn't really touch the plate, but is not that far away from it also, otherwise the first crucial layer of the filament can not stick on the plate.