Green light – An artistic workshop
Shared learning
Textures of identities
Led by Tillmann Lauterbach and Olga Schigal



Do clothes have an impact on our self-perception (a dynamics that scientists have recently coined with the term “enclothed cognition”)? Or conversely, does apparel even reveal facets of our personality? In an increasingly globalized world are we at all to draw connections between the colors, shapes, materials, patterns and a person’s cultural, sexual, and political identities? 


In his seminal romanticist fiction Kleider machen Leute (“Clothes make the man”) from 1874 the Swiss poet Gottfried Keller ascribes a considerable role to clothes with respect to a person’s self-perception and professional success. Similarly, the Italian word “abito” translates both into the words “clothes” and “habitus”, and thereby implies an idiosyncratic interrelation between fashion and often culturally specific customs, intellectual modes of perception, and behaviorism. 


The Green light participants have invited fashion designer Tillmann Lauterbach and visual artist Olga Schigal to collectively explore these questions hands on during an experimental two days workshop. Sharing expertises, skills and discovering each other’s conceptions of fashion and its relation to identity-making, the fashion industry as well as its professional opportunities, this workshop sets out to approach fashion illustration, pattern cutting and tailoring with an extended, that is, social-anthropological approach. 


The daily activities of the workshop are complemented by a series of small yoga sessions, led by Olga Schigal, as a way of mapping the morphology of the body and intensifying self-consciousness.   


Born in Bonn and raised Spain and Switzerland, Tillmann Lauterbach was trained as a fashion designer and pattern cutter at Esmod Paris, where he won the women’s ready-to-wear collection prize at the end of his graduation year in 2003. Between 2006 and 2015, his collections were showcased at boutiques like Dover Street Market in London, Tokyo and New York; Leclaireur in Paris; H. Lorenzo in Los Angeles; and were featured in international publications and fashion books. Creative director of sportswear brand Head in Korea, and creative helm of Croquis by JNBY in China, he is currently involved in the creation of RE/verb, a brand that will be launched in 2018.


Olga Schigal is a visual artist based in Milan. Born in Ischimbai, Russia, she lived in Nyagan, Siberia until the age of 17 and moved to Germany where she studied plastic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Münster. Since 2010, Schigal participated in international exhibitions, art events, and collaborations and has won several prizes. Olga Schigal is a yoga teacher giving classes in Hatha, Yin, Flow, and Upa yoga (Sadhguru).