Green light – An artistic workshop
Shared learning
Hosting, Welcoming, and Giving Space…
Led by Sharon Lockhart and Alex Slade

June 11 from 3–6pm


On June 11, the Green light participants are inviting a group of visual arts students from the U.S. (CalArts and Otis) and professors Sharon Lockhart and Alex Slade for a joint afternoon to the Green light space. Devised as an experience around the themes of “hosting, welcoming, and giving space…” this encounter between the students from America and the hybrid group of Green light participants generates multiple breeding grounds for the horizontal exchange of expertise, memories, and personal histories.


In the first half of the afternoon Green light participants are taking on the roles of tutors training the students in the production and assembly of Green light lamps and leading the guests through the daily curriculum. Subsequently, taking up Lockhart’s artistic practice, the students and participants are collectively creating photo diaries ultimately testifying to the diversity of the group’s individual and collective subjectivities.


Sharon Lockhart is an American artist based in Los Angeles. Lockhart works with communities to make films and photographs that are both visually compelling and socially engaged through collaborations that unfold over long periods of time.


Alex Slade is a Los Angeles–based photographer whose works chronicle his own wanderings and define a narrative in U.S. cities where corporate capitalism dominates the urban fabric.