Green light – An artistic workshop

Green light – An artistic workshop | Shared learning Program

Green light – Shared learning is an integral part of the Green light project. It is conceived as an alternative, multidirectional educational platform and represents the discursive nexus of Green light.


The Shared learning program developed for Green light at the 57th Venice Biennale is meant to respond to the specific needs of the participating refugees and asylum seekers; to facilitate fruitful encounters between participants, visitors, students, and mediators; and to unravel a variety of perspectives on migration, citizenship, statelessness, arrival, memory, and the multiple thresholds of belonging.



Italian language courses

Language classes are held in the Green light auditorium every day between 10 am and 1 pm. 


Psychological counseling

The times of psychological counseling may vary according to the needs of the participants. Group sessions of 10–15 people are planned during the morning Shared learning program, whilst one part of the group is attending language classes, but individual meetings can be arranged, too. 


Legal advice

The times of legal advice may vary according to the needs of the participants. Group sessions of 10–15 people are planned as an extracurricular activity (between 5 and 6 pm, after the workshop officially ends) but individual meetings can be arranged, too. 


Artists’ Interventions 

Artists are invited to develop their own workshop format for the participants and conduct it themselves. These formats may range from performative practices to more interpersonal encounters between artist and participants.


Workshops and Seminars with Scholars 

Thinkers, curators, and scholars are invited to develop a workshop for the participants. These configurations can range from discussions and seminar days to talks. 


Environment Workshop

Environmentalists or artists interested in environmental issues are invited to develop activities for the participants that may range from communal gardening to biological experiments, to explorations, meetings, and discussions inside the Giardini and within the greater Venetian lagoon. The engagement with the fragile ecosystems of the lagoon and the vernacular and traditional cultures of Venice raises questions about belonging, care, exchange, and a deeper understanding of the notions of relationships.


Music Workshop

Musicians, DJs, and sound artists are invited to develop a workshop model for the participants, ranging from experimenting with unconventional instruments to dancing, singing, and performance.


Film Workshop

The Italian film collective ZaLab conducts a film workshop with a group of interested Green light participants. During the workshop each participant is invited to learn how to make a video, to develop his/her own footage and to present his/her work. By this, Green light–Shared learning offers an alternative and multidirectional means of communication and individual expression and invites participants to explore or intensify their skills and interests in film and video making. ZaLab has conducted multiple participatory video laboratories with migrants and asylum seekers in places including the Tunisian desert, in a Palestinian village in the West Bank, in Bologna, Rome, Padua, in the Aeolian Islands, in the suburbs of Barcelona, and in Melbourne, Australia. 


Workshop with Alternative Educational Initiatives

Alternative educational initiatives are invited to hold one- to two-day workshops – interpersonal encounters, presentations, talks or discussions – together with the participants.


Summer and Winter Terms

While there is no artistic workshop or Shared learning program during the summer and winter terms, Green light lamps and Green light clusters, produced during the Spring, are installed in the space, maintaining the project’s presence at the Venice Biennale in the form of a complex installation. The fundraising campaign continues during these periods, and a team represents the project in the space.


Workshop classes and teachings are planned for the Spring and Fall Terms only.


A total of 40 participants is enrolled in the Green light program in each term.


In both terms, the Shared learning program features an ongoing program of daily Italian language courses, psychological counseling and legal advice, as well as workshops, artists’ interventions, and seminars. 


Spring Term:  

May 9–June 27, 2017


Summer Term:

June 27–September 4, 2017


Fall Term:

September 5–October 29, 2017


Winter Term:

October 30–November 26, 2017