Green light – An artistic workshop
Shared learning
ZaLab film collective
Led by Michele Aiello and Davide Crudetti and Andrea Segre


Continuing exploring alternative modes of communication and creating a collective visualization of the manifold subjectivities constituting the very Green light project in Venice, Green light is prolonging its collaboration with the Italian film collective ZaLab that started with the spring semester in May 2017. In the course of one week, participants produce their own video works reflecting via the lenses of their experiences with the Green light project. The previous documentary “Turn on My Light” features five individual reflections on the Biennale’s multiple artistic contributions on the themes of memory, music, civil rights, religion and work and is on view in the space until November 26.


Through this workshop, Green light–Shared learning offers an alternative and dramatic means of communication and individual expression and invites participants to explore or intensify their skills and interests in film and video making. ZaLab has conducted multiple participatory video laboratories with migrants and asylum seekers in places including the Tunisian desert, in a Palestinian village in the West Bank, in Bologna, Rome, Padua, in the Aeolian Islands, in the suburbs of Barcelona, and in Melbourne, Australia.