Green light – An artistic workshop
Shared learning
The Eco-rhizomatic Lagoon
Led by Paolo Rosso, MICROCLIMA

June 12 between 10am–7pm


Rhizomatic thought is the principle behind what I call the Poetics of Relation, in which each and every identity is extended through a relationship with the Other. – Édouard Glissant


What bearing does nature inhabit in our feeling of belonging to a place? Does nature have the potential to foster or to stimulate the perception of a universal interconnectivity of humans, animals, plants, the “mesh”? Is nature a “transcendent principle”, or just an old-fashioned textual signifier for something we will never be able to truly grasp in its entirety?


By venturing out on a one-day boat trip into the socio-ecological tissue of the lagoon of Venice a group of Green light participants sets out to share their pluralistic individual yet often culturally specific conceptions of nature and to collectively investigate the manifold potentialities and plethora of symbolizations and peculiarities that the local bio-system of Venice preserves. Culminating in a number of preconceived encounters with local fishermen, botanists, environmental initiatives, and artists, this ecology workshop is devised to instigate a generative cross-cultural exchange of knowledges and traditions and to foster an ecology of rhizomatic thought.


The workshop will be conducted by Paolo Rosso, artistic director of MICROCLIMA. MICROCLIMA is a cultural program geared towards projects related to the natural world, cultural heritage and the public sphere with branches in Guwahati (India), Santiago (Cuba), and Ulaanbataar (Mongolia).