Green light – An artistic workshop
About Shared learning

Green light–Shared learning constitutes the core of the Green light educational curriculum. It embraces forms of learning that create multirelational and collaborative processes of exchange which draw from and build on critical pedagogic ideas. Engaging artists, dancers, language teachers, educators, and cultural practitioners, Shared learning activates the needs, talents, desires, and imaginaries of its participants. The Shared learning “school,” located in the center of the Green light space, metabolizes the exchanges between the participants and activates the nexus of encounters between “visitors,” “teachers”, and “students.”


The curriculum is supported by daily language classes tailored to the varying language skills of the participants, as well as weekly psychological counseling. Legal assistance and vocational training are provided intermittently and upon request. 


The artistic workshops are specifically devised for and with the participants of the Green light project, as a result active participation by visitors is very limited. However, in the blog feature of this website Green light participants are granting insight into their activities on a regular basis. 

Relation, according to Édouard Glissant, is not that which bridges one thing to the other but rather that which connects everything with everything in a “consciousness of Relation.” The “archipelagic” intertwining of individuals demonstrates the potentials of communal production that endorses the idea of the utopian experiment, creating a model situation of difference. Differences as pointers not toward irreconcilability but rather toward what relates us, making our being together both complex and creative.